Time and Balance

Time and Balance The expression work / life balance was born in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, defined as “a comfortable state of balance achieved between an employee’s main priorities of his or her job and his or her private lifestyle. For a long time, the ways to establish this balance was to promote […]

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Effective Meetings

Effective Meetings Identifying Red Flags The passage of 2020 has left us with many lessons learned and new practices when it comes to the work environment. We have realized that we can work remotely with high efficiency, that we don’t need to travel to meet and make decisions or synchronize ideas and ways of working

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The Importance of Wellness

The Importance of Wellness There is a lot of talk these days about the importance of wellness. It’s almost impossible to look at activity on the interwebs without seeing wellness with spa services, mindfulness retreats at secluded resorts, app memberships, courses and tutorials and all sorts of perfect, expensive and complex ways to enjoy life.

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Genuine You

Genuine You Over the years, from patients and coachees I have accompanied, I came to the conclusion that what is most difficult for us human beings is to let ourselves be. What happens between childhood and adulthood leaves a mark that is often difficult to repair. As the years go by, we let go of

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Objectives & Purposes

Objectives & Purposes The plan to achieve goals that are aligned with your purpose and set the course to reach a mutual agreement for success is under your control. Part of the rituals at the beginning of the year involves setting goals, and it is a key moment that allows us to assess, as well

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