The Importance of Wellness

There is a lot of talk these days about the importance of wellness. It’s almost impossible to look at activity on the interwebs without seeing wellness with spa services, mindfulness retreats at secluded resorts, app memberships, courses and tutorials and all sorts of perfect, expensive and complex ways to enjoy life.

We are 100% in favor of recharging energy, balanced living and stress reduction, although we believe that this should go beyond the “to-do list” format to become a daily habit. Because wellness should be an investment in small simple things that help to regain balance in the face of daily pressure.

That’s why we have selected 30 small acts of self-care that you can do once a day for a month. You can do them alone or with the people you choose, you can accumulate more than one per day and make variations as you see fit. The magic is that they are actionable, simple to implement and sustained over time.

Investing in yourself is always a great decision. We are sure they will help you and your environment. Enjoy!