Who we are

Over the past 45 years, our boutique consulting firm has worked with Fortune 500 companies in the Americas to enhance organizational, leadership, and people efficiency in companies committed to inspiring a better future.

We have partnered with over 200,000 leaders through development experiences and talent solutions that enhance leadership, business alignment and strategic capabilities to ensure business transformation from the inside out.

Our distinctiveness comes from quality partnering with our clients to understand their needs and build customized solutions, tailored for conscious organizational and cultural transformation that bring better and sustainable results.


What makes us different

Brand history

We work with an incredible variety of clients, 35% of them with over 15 years of continuous partnership Our programs have been selected by 200,000+ individuals in 90+ cities around 20+ countries Ensuring fit and impact with tailor-made solutions with no additional investment


Boutique consulting service: through a powerful team with corporate experience and business vision Seniority and proven expertise delivering high-impact solutions


Curated contents blending cutting edge theories and proven ideas A proprietary experience-based design of individual and team coaching processes

Meet the Team

Hugo Levy


Hugo founded Levy Consulting at the end of the ’70s with true conviction on making organizations grow through the development of their people.

Hugo founded Levy Consulting in the late ’70s with a profound conviction in helping organizations grow through the development of their people.

With a background as a professor in philosophy, psychology and pedagogy, he brings a different perspective to the corporate world that quickly gave him access to multiple latitudes, boosting our growth as a company on a global level.

His great ability to inquire and invite insight, as well as his ability to assist in the planning and implementation of improvement actions, have earned him an indisputable position in the Latin American consulting market.

Nowadays he continues to provide vision and shape the future of our team plus being exclusively focused in helping upper-level executives

Paula Levy

Executive Director

Paula leads the Levy Consulting team in the development of new content and methodological approaches.

She has solid experience in executive development processes and coaching upper-level management teams. In recent years, she has dedicated herself to researching key topics in organizational culture such as conversational intelligence, DEI, maternity coaching, and health coaching.

Since 1999, she has been a strategic partner of Blanchard® since 1999, leading its operations in Argentina and being part of their global team. 

Paula is bilingual Spanish|English

Silvia Leon

Consulting Partner

Silvia has been involved in the design, development, and coordination of multiple training and development programs as part of the Levy Consulting team, specializing in high-impact leadership and executive coaching. She has worked with teams and executives from different organizations in Hungary, the Netherlands, France, Spain, the USA, Egypt, and throughout Latin America.

Supported by her observational skills and strong ability to facilitate learning, she demonstrates a pragmatic, concrete, and action-oriented training style ideal for working with executive levels.

Silvia is bilingual Spanish|English

Matías Di Benedetto
Consulting Partner

Matías has forged his career in the corporate world and currently dedicates himself to boutique consulting as part of the Levy Consulting team.

Matías is an expert in Change Management and behavioral change. He holds various international certifications in coaching models with specialization in neuroscience.

His training style encourages the collective construction of ideas in response to the audience’s needs. He promotes dialogue about common and everyday situations, allowing them to later transfer the content to their work positions.

Matias is bilingual Spanish|English

Carlos Príncipi
Consulting Partner

Carlos joins the Levy Consulting team bringing a catalyzing, dynamic, and engaging style, where participants easily connect with each other and with him to share their experiences, concerns, and commit to action.

He achieves excellent results across a wide segment of the organizational structure, from individual contributors to supervisory and managerial levels, supported by his analytical capacity and his ability and willingness to help generate concrete actions.

Carlos is bilingual Spanish|Portuguese

Karen Saravia
Consulting Partner

Based in Miami, Karen leads our USA offices, bringing a fresh perspective and insights from English-speaking markets to our portfolio.

Karen is passionate about human potential. As a coach, she seeks to accompany leaders in processes of personal and professional transformation, helping to broaden perspectives, question established and limiting beliefs, and create actions that lead to new outcomes.

Karen is bilingual Spanish|English

Karen Lomeli
Consulting Partner

Karen is an expert in business transformation and a professional coach with extensive experience, she brings a powerful vision and clear steps to guide clients through complex change management while gaining clarity in their meaningful purpose, profitable performance, and sustainable goals.

Karen is bilingual Spanish|English

Tomás Ithuralde
Consulting Partner

Over the years, and after completing various specialized courses and certifications that complement his training, Tomás has consolidated himself as a coach, providing support and modeling for multiple leadership and key-position profiles.

Sergio Giummarra
Consulting Partner

Sergio joins our team bringing extensive regional experience in general management positions. Promoting cultural change, inspiring action, and developing leadership skills in others are some of his main contributions.

He has an inspiring, warm, and direct style that builds trust, fostering openness and commitment from work teams.

Sergio is trilingual Spanish|English|Portuguese

Laura Ganas
Consulting Partner

Laura brings to Levy Consulting an energetic and flexible style, ideal for working with frontline managers. She faithfully believes that the best way to learn is by experiencing the concepts, for which she creates collaborative spaces so that those involved can share experiences, concerns, and best practices and understand the applicability of the topics in their day-to-day lives. Working one-on-one, Laura builds strong bonds that drive transformation and build customer loyalty. 

Laura is bilingual Spanish|Portuguese

Anton Swain
Customer Support Head

Passionate about technology and eager to learn new ways to optimize solutions, Anton transformed his back-office position into an active frontline role to support our clients in projects where technology makes a difference.

His strong service orientation, curiosity, and warmth in building relationships have opened doors both internally and externally, making him a key person among us.

Anton is bilingual Spanish|English

Andrea Ramirez

Throughout her development, Andrea has strengthened our team by relying on her empathy, her ability to ask questions, and her listening skills. Result-oriented and with a strong ability to connect with our clients, she now adds value from her role as PMO, ensuring a comprehensive and detailed approach to guarantee the quality of our service.

Additionally, she is part of our team of certified mentors who help participants transfer their learning to their daily lives and implement personal improvement plans.