About Us

40 years

40 years and over 150K leaders trained

International Coverage

Wide international coverage with solutions available in spanish, english and portuguese

Multiple Technologies

Developing contents and using different technologies for virtual and face to face learning stimulating transference into daily business scenarios

Tailor-made Solutions

Supporting our clients with tailor-made solutions
to support their Transformation Processes

Customer Experience

Modeling Employee Experience to ensure a
positive impact on the Customer Experience

3 choices for content design and delivery


Design tailored to meet the needs of any audience including your company.


We get certified in our Client’s Corporate Programs, taking care of the execution and roll out as designed.


After getting certified in our Client’s Corporate Programs, we can customize the design to fit 100% their regional needs.

Face to Face Activities

Fostering sinergy and stimulating networking

Virtual environments

Using technologies to promote implementation and sustain learning over time

One to One Support

Customizing resources for each person’s need

Our Achievements

10 points increase in the HQ Global Index that measures satisfaction level of their leaders’ practices

More than 150.000 executives developed in more than 19 countries

Turnover decrease in key positions and 0% at Hipos

Climate and Commitment
Survey’s outcome improvents

From 34% to 83% of the statements
with more than 75% of “favorability”

“Care and Concern”: outstanding
growth from 0% to 77%

56% of the statements with values
above market’s Benchmark

15 points of improvement in feedback abilities

“Willingness to stay in the Company”
Grew as an historical standard to the highest regional level